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he feels like a stranger to me anymore

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I have been in a relationship with my bf for 4 years, the last 6 month have been a LDR - even though we been together so long prior to this I struggle so much with the situation. He is very busy with his job so our conversations are daily but short.


I almost feel as I have been through a break up, so much sadness, and now when I see him it takes me long to warm up, like he is somewhat a stranger. I am excited to see him and can't wait for the time to come but on the other hand I am not totally me anymore. I am not sure how to talk to him about it, I want to be supportive, but don't know why I feel this way.


Anyone that feels the same, this distance to their partner? How do you deal with it? How do you approach him/her about it?

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hi happygal just sit down with him somewhere quite and alone have a coffee/ drink with him while talking it thought and just say how you feel sometimes relationships can go this way it may just be that you need to spend alittle more time together each day/ week or just that you have lost that strong communication that you had b4 with each other.

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Happy Girl-


My H use to be in the Navy and had to go on 6 month cruises. When he was away it was really confusing and stressful, we would talk on the phone but we wouldn’t really talk about anything in particular, it was hard to have a good conversation, he always had someone waiting behind him to use the phone to.


When he would come home it was so stressful, I would become a ball of nerves with excitement and almost regret because I had gotten so use to my schedule that and now it was being interrupted. But when he got home all that went out the window, when I seen his face and felt his body, my stress was gone. Now it did take a few days to get back in the hang of things, I believe you do change so we had new stuff to learn about each other. It was also like he was in my space, but really I had to get use to it being his space again.


We would write letters, can you do that. You can say anything in a letter. Good Luck

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