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Does he like me or not???


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So I’m a little bit confused about this guy... We’ve known each other for about a year and a half now but we’ve always just been friends. Well just recently it sort of turned into more and we went on a date to the movies and we’ve been texting each other a lot for the past week and a half.


Anyway, I’m a little bit confused because he hasn’t asked me out again. I know that he’s liked me in the past and I’m pretty sure he still likes me right now so why hasn’t he asked me out again? I’ve told him that I feel differently about him now so he knows that I’m open to it so I don’t get it…


The subject of sex came up the other day and I said that I’m not intimate with anyone unless I’m dating them and he said “I see. Well I haven’t had a gf for a while…so we’ll see.” Uh…what the heck is that supposed to mean??? ](*,) I hate it when guys say “we’ll see”! My ex bf used to say that to me all the time when we had first broken up “I may want to be with you again, we’ll see…” and you know what? He never wanted to be with me again so I kind of take “we’ll see” as “it’s probably not going to happen”


So is this guy interested or not? He’s hard to read. I know that he’s not just using me though because the other night some friends of ours were having a party but he was out of town and he said something along the lines of “too bad I won’t be there to take advantage of you when you’re drunk” so I jokingly said “is that all you want from me?” and he said “no that’s not all I want from you” and he’s said that a couple times since.


I mean, I don’t mind going with the flow of things but I don’t really want to waste my time if I feel it’s not leading anywhere. What does everyone think?

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I don’t think that’s what it is because I think throughout the whole time that we’ve known each other he’s always had a thing for me. He definitely likes the company of girls though so maybe he’s just not ready to let go of that? I don’t know I just don’t get it at all and I don’t really want to ask him out.

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I know it's hard to put yourself on the line . . . But I think you should bite the bullet and ask him out. OR, have him over to your place and make him dinner (normally wouldn't recommend that for second date but you two are already friends). In my experience, if you cook for a guy it sends a pretty clear signal that you are into him.


Or, maybe he's letting more time go by than normally would between asking out for dates, because you two were already friends? Either way, I think you need to jumpstart this thing. Good luck!

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