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week after breakup all my friends asking me if dmper's called, why?


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This is just a curiosity question, not to hear this to keep my hopes up, but;


it's been about 1 week since he dumped me, and ever since day 2 everyone I spoke to about the break-up asked me,

"So has he called you since?"


In my past experiences my exes (who all left me) NEVER called me, till their next break-up, or when they couldn't pull anyone over Christmas party or something.


And they don't ask me if I called him? (I thought dumpees are more likely to call dumpers?)


Q; Do dumpers tend / supposed to call dumpee?

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There is no set rule for who contacts who.

Sometimes a dumper will NEVER contact you again. Sometimes they will. Sometimes it's the DUMPEE that does the reaching out.

In my case, the dumper has always came back to me. In my first relationship he came back FIRST after four months, then after a year, and then after two years. He passed away three years after our break up.

In the relationship that was just ended, he dumped me four times. The first two times it was me who iniated things and it only ended soon after. The second two times it was HIM and it was usually weeks after it happened.

I personally would never contact the dumper if I *hoped* to get back with him. Especially after only a week break up.

If I were to reach out it would be at a point where I'm completely over him and can deal with rejection.

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