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Staying friends to make family happy...


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I had no clue where to post this. It sort of fits into many different categories.


I need some advice. After the events with my now ex friend Kathy:






I have come to decision that I am going to do a “house cleaning” of my life. There are people in my life, like Kathy, who simply bring me stress and nothing else. Somehow I suddenly realized that I can pick which people I really want in my life!


The other day I was talking to my Aunt and I told her about what was going on with Kathy and Chris. My aunt is actually pretty close with Chris (very long story) and advised me to “Not throw the baby out with the bath water.”


I explained to her that I was extremely disappointed in him for not simple asking me what was going on and just taking Kathy’s side. She pointed out that we have no clue what Kathy actually told him. Being the manipulative person that she is who knows what story he got! My position is that no matter what he should have giving me the courtesy to at least ask me what was going on.


Here is the issue: My aunt (who I am very close with) has had some major medical problems in the last 2 years. Chris is one of the people that she leans on for support. I now feel that I HAVE to reconcile with him for the sake of my aunt.


I truly feel that he is not someone that I want in my life. But, it would upset my aunt so much that I feel I should at least try and talk to him.


Any advice is welcomed. What would you do in this situation?

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I didnt read the two links you posted, so I dont know the story. but I will say that in almost any case you shouldnt be obligated to maintain a relationship of any kind with one person, for the sake of another. If your aunt has a friendship or whatever with someone that you are no longer friends with, thats between them... and has nothing to do with you.

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