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Strange fetish?


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So as I've posted before my boyfriend and I are into s&m stuff. Aside from that we do argue as most live in couples do, but sometimes are fights are obviously instigated by him, although he denies it at the time.

Today he admitted that he starts fights with me because it turns him on. Is that normal?

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I think it's not okay if the fights are about real issues. That's not fair. If he likes you when you're angry, why can't you have an agreement that you can 'play fight'.


If he wants to get you going, you could have a code word between you two. Then you can suddenly develop a very strong opinion about whatever nonsense topic he brings up next. Like if oranges are really orange, or something. If you get into it enough, it will still get a rise out of you both but won't damage your real relationship.

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I think it's a normal fetish.


But, he really needs to let you in on it. Stressing you out and making you believe that you are having an argument (whether it is fake or not) to help himself get off is unfair to you.


I have friends who mutually stage fights for sexual reasons. But, they have boundaries and communicate well about it.

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