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Too much sex


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My girlfriend literally wants to have sex all the time. And we live together. Obviously this is an awesome problem to have, but unfortunately I can really only perform twice a day or three times a day. And it's the best if it's not forced, so when I really want to have sex instead of just forcing it.


And it bothers me that I can't perform every time for her, so when we do have sex and it's great I'm in such a better mood....instead when I don't I'm trying to find solutions on how to get better.


I know it's not a big deal, it's just somedays I can go five times, others I can only go once and I worry sometimes she might become dissatisfied with our relationship. We connect obviously on many other levels, but it would make me feel better to not have any such issue.

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Maybe she isn't getting satisfied, and is being left feeling frustrated so she always wants more. Or maye she is a nymphomaniac or sex addict.


How old are you guys? And how experienced. If you leave her hanging and feeling frustrated, maybe that is the problem. Is this the problem? Maybe you need to learn how to satisfy her.


5 times sounds like a lot, for your body to deal with.

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I am a female and i have the same issue but its me who wants it all time! Me and b/f do it like every other day and im fine with that but i would love to do it every day if he would..I dont think shes not satisfied mayb she is just a very sexual person. I am but was really never w/ any other than my b/f, so mayb she just finds you very sexy.. I wouldnt worry about this unless she is really pressurin u!

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I think you both should try getting other hobbies to do together, in public, where clothing is required. Wow...5x/day? You're lucky to have that much time on your hands!


Yes, that's what I was thinking! Who has the time for sex five times every day?!

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are you making sure she climaxes during sex? I went for about 2 months and while i had lots of sex - i never climaxed, making me demand more, and when i finally managed, i stopped demanding. It could be sexual frustration.


If she is climaxing and there is no reason for her to be demanding more. Buy her a vibrator.

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