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day old kittens [help]


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found 2 kittens out in the scortching sun yesterday.

took them in, put them in a box w. towls and a heating pad...to keep them warm cus they can't regulate their body heat...

uhm, i've helped them potty...

i bought them kitty formula & infant animal bottles...

but they won't eat.

they haven't eaten in who knows how long...

i'm scared they're going to die, that can't happen... i'll be traumatized for life!

what do i do????

my allergies make it hard to be around them for long so i can only try to force feed them for a few minutes before giving up..

the vets. won't take them in.. all the shelters i've called won't answer...

i don't know what to do!

if they'd EAT i'd keep them and continue feeding them those dreadful every three hours...but they're not eating and it's driving me mad



any expert advice out there? i'm soo serious, i need help..

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No shelters will answer at all?


For now, make some milk available to them if they want it. I'm sure they'll drink when they're thirsty. How long has it been since you took them in? Are they showing any odd symptoms that they might be sick? Where did you find them in the scorching heat, exactly?

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It depends how old the kittens are you may need to syringe feed them milk, odviously thats just the syringe no needle and you place it in their mouth holding their body upright against yours and slowly filling their mouth with milk allow them to drink before carrying on. If your feeding them kitten food try mixing it with a little milk to make it quite loose put it on your finger and put your finger infront of their mouth sometimes that works for getting them to eat.

I sugest to keep trying to contact animal rescue places for advice on how to care for them, and any medical advice that they might need.

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Here are some websites that you might find useful.


Keep calling shelters. It's kitten season right now, and I'm sure that they are just overflowing, but maybe they can at least give you some advice.


Same with the vet. They should still give you some advice and may even have some supplies for sale. It's a good idea to take the kittens in for an exam. Then at least you can find out how old they are and treat them for internal parasites, and try to find out why they're not eating.


I'm so sorry to tell you this, but most kittens that are hand-raised don't make it Even if they were hand raised by vet chances are some won't make it. It's very, very hard to hand-raise anything, especially kittens whose health was already compromised by being left out in the sun too long. I'm sorry to say that they're probably not eating because they're sick. It sounds to me like you're doing everything else right.


I wish you the best.

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Maybe you can go directly to the animal shelter to talk with someone there for advice if there not answering the phone. Even if they don't have room, they take care of many kittens and I'm sure they'd have some pointers that may help.


I hope they start eating Poor things.

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omg i'm about to cry.... i thought maybe i could keep them alive

anyway my sister and i kind of made them drink alittle solution.

they faught the entire time but something is something.


Uhm, i found them in some lady's yard in a neighborhood i just happened to be strolling in.... i think they placed them there in the grass, that's what someone said anyway...how evil.

i'm going to a shelter tomorrow ........... because my mom keeps nagging me it's ridiculous..


but i don't know of any no-kill shelters out there.. i REALLY don't want to take them though, i won't be able to sleep for years to come thinking that they were but to sleep Dx

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Ok- if you can do this tonight before you get to the shelter in the morning: Take a syringe (needleless) and slowly force feed them the cat milk. Go slow so they do not aspirtate. When you are bottle feeding, are you holding them in sitting up position? That's their natural way. Sometimes people make the mistake of holding them on their backs like a baby. Is there a 24 hour walk in emergency vet you can go to now? They need help asap. Bless you for trying to save these babies.

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