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Does this guy REALLY like/not like me?


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Hi I'm Nadia I'm new here!!!!

So, there's this guy who I went on an HON science trip with. His name is John, and we just finished our freshmen year. He asked me to go to the movies with him the day we met (on the field trip), not then, but soon. He had postponed the date till after finals because we were both really busy studying.


I was told he was really shy, and if he asked a girl out then it really meant something. He's also never really had a relationship before. So, we took the time whenever we could to get to know each other. I'd sit with him during lunch, and he'd text/call me occasionally. He would even hug me, which apparently he never does unless he shows some genuine interest (says the people that now him).


After a while, his friends caught on that something was up. Although I'm not sure what kind of relationship we were in at the time. So, his friends started to tease him. So, he started to tell me to leave him alone during lunch, when I don't really try to annoy him. He would also say that it was "awkward", when it wasn't until he said it was, not even then. It would just get me and a few of our friends annoyed.


Finals go, and then I here from a friend of ours that he finds me annoying and that he doesn't like me. And that he was told that before we even talked. He still goes and says hi or smiles at me occasionally, so this is really annoying. I just try to ignore him, but I'm a bit depressed by the situation. To make matters worse, he's been continually flirting with a girl I really hate. He's also thanked our friend for "getting me off his back" or so my friend says.


I'm really confused, any advice? Thanks

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I agree with livelarge. I say move on and find someone who actually has a backbone and stands up for the people he cares for. Even if those rumors weren't true, if he was really into you you wouldn't have noticed a change in his behavior and everything would be as before, and it isn't.

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