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I don`t know what to do


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I am very emotional and sometime it makes me go nuts. Because of this reason i let people think or say whatever they want (this includes my family) and i don`t blame them i think its me who is responsible for that


I don`t know what to do because now i am at that stage where i have no clue how to keep a check on my emotions and how to tell everyone that stop screwing with my head.

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i mean not exactly screwing with my head.


Ex - My sister just moved to US and she was sitting on the sofa with the feet on the coffee table and when i told her that can you please not put the feet on the table because it irritates me and then after that everyone went to sleep but when i woke up this morning to go to work my mom put the table away and when i asked what happened to the table she was like i put it there because your table was getting destroyed. In other words she did not liked that i told my sister something but the reality is that my sister dont listen to my parents in a sense that she will do whatever she has to and i am the one who is always concerned about the family and want to make sure i take care of my responsibilities

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