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How to deal with disappointments?


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I have a cycle: I go out sometimes, see a hot guy (usually friend of friends), chat a bit and then for the night I won't care if he calls me or not. However in day 2 and 3, I get extremely agitated. Ultimately, it makes me upset, frustrated and analytic about my very single situation again.


I dont know is it because I go for the top guys, and I'm not really a top chick myself. But seriously, some guys that I had crushes on are very good looking, but not exactly totally out of my league.


How to deal with disappointments?

For example I met this Italian guy, very hot. And immediately I'm attracted. But later on when I saw him in the bar again with my friend, he forgot where I was from... etc. Then at the club he got hit on by girls, we danced a bit but eventually he was semi making out with a blonde chick.


The thing is I don't know why I'm so upset, I barely know him and all I know about him is that he's handsome. I'm hooked right away! How silly! The truth is I don't even want a relationship with him, but I want him to be interested and we can date and hang out casually.


I get so obsessed, it's only been a week since I've met him and I keep thinking about his face and the scene of him and he blonde chick - that really bothers me. I also hated how he would talk about girls in front of me (though we're only met twice), saying how he's into blonde chicks and this girl is rubbish etc etc...Why am I bothered though? Shouldn't I just move on with no hard feelings?


I really want these hot guys to find me attractive.


I even regret things like why shouldn't I make the move on him and make out with him cos sometimes that's all I want, to kiss a hot guy (I haven't kissed anyone in nearly two years...), I should have put my arms around him and make out with him etc.. these thoughts are scary!! and it's not like I would score.


I mean this guy is in the country for three months only, is super popular and he knows it as girls will hit on him like mad, and he's a bit older than me, AND he likes blondes. So I'm not his type.


It just hurts when it shouldn't, I don't know how to take it easier. I wish I can go past the physical appearances of guys but all I'm doing is crushing different guys - all good looking, but full of disappointments for me.


It sucks, I'm considering seeing a counsellor from university to find out the underlying problem of this 'desire' that I have for hot guys.

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