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My ex broke my heart 6 weeks ago when i found him fooling around on line with girls, he maintains that he never met any of them however he loved me but not in love with me anymore. He is a sweet caring man who i still love with all my heart (but i know that he is wrong for me)


however, we were still friends and remained in low contact over the last 6 weeks, i find out that 2 weeks after we split up he started seeing someone that he met in a pub (my ex never went out! and that was part of our problem i loved socialising with my friends and he would stand in a corner quiet!) so i find this difficult to get.


Was i that unforgetable that just 2 weeks from splitting he can find a replacement for me? it is so hard to get my head round.


In peoples experience is this a rebound potentially and do they last? i am not trying to hold on hope of getting him back - i know that is not what i want, however the hurt of him being able to move on so quickly is more painful for me right now, i feel rejected andworthless.


we only started to fall apart in the last month because i was hiding that i was suffering from depression, i didnt want to worry anyone and wanted to keep my troubles private for fear of him thinnking i was going crazy, so i guess i was quiet and i was lacking on the intimate front.


It is my birthday next week and he said he wanted to send me a card... why would he want to do that and keep torturing me..


its so unfair.

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