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is this the best plan of action...?


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Okies well theres some threads here about my relationship.. for first month i went NC this was to basically give us both some space because we were both heartbroken and if we were to have any chance of getting back or being friends we needed to have time and space... (the break up wasnt argumentative or anything just emotional coz we have strong feelings, his maybe not strong enough or wed still be together)... anyways after a month i text, we were both fine with texting sent a few back and fourth.. then i left it a couple of weeks and text again.. this time it was a bit more flirty (i think) so i asked to maybe meet up in the summer.. he said he would have to see because at the moment he would still find it too tough to see me, i (stupidly) told him i missed him.. he said he missed me to but if we had a catch up thats what it would be.. i then basically told him how i was feeling and how i hoped we could maybe be together in the future but i understood we needed to be apart for a good amount of time now to both deal with any issues individually (i have ROCD so although he didnt seem to bother him, i can see it might be a little annoying). anyways he said he would like to see me but it has to be "right"... i dont know if that means we both have to be over it, we both have to want same thing or what!... anyways after that i decided i want to go NC for a month or two.. ideally i would like him to get in touch first so im not initiating it.. but i thought if i do NC for a bit i can focus on getting my OCD sorted and can better myself to be the best person i can be. obv i have to do this for myself but i still hold hope it might help us to. our relationship was pretty excellent, we very very rarely argued.. but i would like to be more independent in relationships so am working on that... i guess what im asking is do you think NC is a good idea or should i keep at minimal contact just to keep communication lines open? xx

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