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Why does she contact me?


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Well, it's been 24 days since the break-up. I've gone through a whole rollercoaster of emotions since then... But I'm ok.

I've decided to really focus on me right now. I've been working out, going out, meeting new people, and trying to keep my mind of of her.


Following our break up, I wrote her a final letter and left it at that. I told myself that would be the last time I contacted her. And yes, I've stayed true to my word.


I've been very busy lately, and when you're busy it helps keep your mind off things. I have to say, while I am sad and do miss her, I've been feeling good about things. A lot of old friends are back in my life and its great. I even have a few ladies pursuing me. But no thanks...


Anyway, I've been taking the steps necessary to move on and be happy.

But she's starting to contact me again! And I can't understand why?

No, our relationship didn't end bad. She was scared, confused, whatever...

I don't have any hard feelings toward her, and she obviously doesn't have any toward me.


Initally, we didn't talk a week after we parted, and I had intended on things staying that way. But that was the longest it lasted. Since then, she makes a point to say hi or some other meaningless nonsense every few days. She was writing me on Facebook last week. She texts me randomly, she even called me a few days ago.

And stupid me, I respond every time. I keep my composure though, and I never make it seem like I'm not ok.

She'll ask me how I am, what I've been doing, if I've been seeing anyone, what's new, etc.


Last night was the first time I chose not to respond. She texted me at 2am. Telling me she couldn't sleep, and she'd heard about my dog dying. (yes, I had to put my dog down on Friday, she was 16. Heartbreaking.) and she asked how I was holding up.


I don't really know what I'm doing here. Part of me wants to respond, but the other part of me says "why frickin bother?"

I mean, what's the point? I'm just confused, and I hate this battle inside that I'm going through.


Why does she contact me?

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Well did you guys actually agree to leave each other alone? It seemed like a fairly mutual break-up, so she may think you guys can still be friends, or she's just trying to ween herself off you slowly.


If it's bothering you so much, then tell her you want some time apart, then stop responding to her then.

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