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Unable to trust...

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Since my last relationship, I havent been able to trust anyone, and I have resentment towards other men. Ive been hit on, and asked out, but I feel like I can read these guys, and know that its all game. So I dont give them the time or day. My last relationship was all a lie. He was always depressed about a dead best friend, later come to find out there was no dead friend, he cheated and lied, and I feel like im never going to get over all that. Im over him, but I cant stop thinking about what he did to me. And every guy that has hit on me, I know that there no good for me. Maybe if a good guy came around I would think differently, but I feel like if I jump into anything there will never be trust, It will always be in the back of my mind. People are starting to think im a head case, and maybe I am, I just dont want to be hurt again...what can I do?

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It is odd, but we tend to attract what we fear/obsess over. First thing you should do is work on believing that not every man is like you ex. It isn't fair to prejudge someone and assume they are a liar, just because he was.


Once you get that down, realize that you probably will be hurt again in life. It is a part of life, but it doesn't have to kill us. Humans can move on from just about any emotional pain in life, even though it is hard.


Don't settle for any guy, definitely find one that is compatible with you, but open up and let yourself be available with an optimistic outlook. You're far more likely to find someone willing to care for you that way.

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