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What does he want from me?

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so my ex broke it off with me about 1 month ago. I ended up agreeing to be friends with him because last time we broke it off we did NC and that just didn't work well.

Well this time I agreed to be friends, but he told me that he was gonna give me space...So I haven't talked to him, IMed him, texted him etc...he does all the contacting. Usually I keep it short because I really am trying to give myself time to heal. I understand I said we can be friends, but any reasonable person (especially with past experiences) would know to give space to the dumpee.

However, this hasn't been the case with me. I don't understand what he wants, I have left him alone, and he leaves me messages on IM when I am offline...he calls me and when I don't answer he leaves me voicemails saying such things as "I was thinking about you" and I wanted to know if you hate me, and wondering how you been etc...Whenever I am online he IMs me...I know that maybe he is trying to be a friend, but he is an ex as well...so I don't get what he wants...

anyone ever been in my situation? help?

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