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Fun online games for 2 ?

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So I just managed to get in touch with an old love again, things were and partly still are difficult and complicated. Now we don't live in the same country anymore, before breaking contact we used to play a game together but she said she played it so much since we last talked that she got very bored of it.

So I'm looking for some sorta mini games now, which don't require download ect.


We know each other so well already so we run out of things to talk about fast.. So I just need to find some mutual activity to build up everything again.


Any Ideas? doesn't have to be games, anything is fine really.

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Thanks, I don't know many websites so it definitly helped. I don't know if she has skype, but just gonna ask.


Right now I just remembered about her birthday in 2 weeks, now I got another problem that I have no idea what I could do for her.. its too early for any real gifts or surprise visit. And nothing I can think of is sweet enough for her


Gaaaaah so hard to win someone online, especialy with our background she sure doesn't wanna see me before there aren't any kind of feelings back. I'm so anxious but excited same time LOL

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My bf and I have date night. We cook dinner while on the phone and rent the same movie, sync it up and eat and watch a movie while on the phone.


We also play zynga poker through facebook while on the phone. That's a load of fun because we encourage and cheer each other on a lot.

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