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Just Friends? !


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I dont know if you read my other post,


www . enotalone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=341456


But since then the texts have been Lovely, He calls me sweet names and compliments me often,

calling me amazing and always saying i look beautiful.


I know i shouldnt bother with this relationship.


He rang me this morning asking me to go to the cinema with him,


This is the convo - T - Me, D - Him.


T: Wouldnt that be weird?

D: No, WHy would it be?

T: Well, Its kinda like a date.

D: (Long Pause) I suppose so yeah.

T: We're just friends though? You have a GF,

D: And?

T: So No, If you class it as a date.

D: I've never classed you as 'Just Friends'

T: I have to go. We'll talk about it soon.

D: (Laughs to himself) Yeah we'll talk.


Soo. Just friends? Im so tempted as i think about him constantly! x

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You're playing with fire chica. You have feelings for him, but he is taken. If you try the "just friends" thing with him, you will be tempted to act on your feelings everytime you are with him.


You already know that he would cheat on his girlfriend with you. I know you really don't want to go there, do you?

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