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When is the right time to put away their stuff?

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We broke up almost 3 weeks ago. Her with me and it was more my fault that it happened than hers. Anyhow we are still in contact tho its me doing 90% of the contact. Im hopeing we might make another go at it down the line. Tho that might not happen.

Question is- her dvds,toothbrush,bracelet,gifts to me etc are sitting around my place reminding me constantly of her. Is it best to put this stuff in a box and put it out of the way? I don't want to call her to tell her i want to give them back while theres a spark of hope no matter how big/small that we may work things out and get back together. This to me would extingush the spark and kinda put a nail in the coffin.

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I think you should give back the stuff as soon as possible. By holding onto it you may be giving yourself false hope for a reconciliation and you are delaying the healing process. If you are meant to get back together you will but keeping her stuff has no impact on whether that will happen or not. You should also seriously consider going NC because still talking to her is not helping you either even if you think it does. Trust me on this one as I speak from experience.

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I'd actually give it back ASAP and stop contacting her.


I too have been through this painful process and found it very difficult to know what the right thing is to do while the breakup is so fresh. I hate to say it because everyone that has been through it will tell you the same thing, and that is your best chance to heal is NC. You best chance to reconcile is NC.


You have probably not uncoupled yet and she needs to see what life is like without you. I promise you she will realize it and either come back or never come back. This is the fastest way to find out what we mean to them. Just do yourself a favor and try not to think about it too much. Easier said than done.


I pseudo dated my ex for 3 months post breakup. Wow, what torture that was! I have now been NC for about 7 weeks and am doing so much better! She did not come back and I am dealing with it. Love yourself enough to let her go. You will keep your dignity and self respect this way. No bickering , trying to win her back, just give her what she wants.


If she does come back you will know she really missed you. Then you can decide if you want her back. You need to deal with the reason you broke up. If not, you will break up again. Good Luck

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