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my grandma is dieing :(

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so my grandma has cancer and she's been dieing but today i found out that my grandpa is keeping her in a medically induced coma until she finally dies.


so my question is..


does anyone know of a nice way to tell my mom to just leave me alone and let me deal with it my way so that i dont have to blow up on her?

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Hi, I know what your going through. My grandma just died not to long ago. Right before christmas she got really sick (cancer) and she wouldnt eat anymore. She soon started to go crazy, and soon after that died. My mom would always say her parents and would never refer them as to being my grandparents, and i wanted to just blow up in her face. She wanted to make me feel like I should have felt more guilty for not talking to her enough, or not crying right in front of her about the death. The truth is i was sad, but i didnt want to blow up in her face. I think you should know that they (your mom) is probably going through it really hard, and doesnt know how you are taking it and wants to know if you are okay. Maybe she is trying to help you in some way. Just try and realize that it's really hard on everyone, and dont think that you have to carry it all on your shoulders. Your mom is there to help you!

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