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It's official: we are exclusive. A couple questions


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Ok, this fast-mover and I are exclusive. Its going really well so far. I have a couple questions.


Next weekend I'm going to visit my family out of town. Is it too soon to invite him to come meet them? He seems seriously into me and is wanting to see me every day he can.


How soon should I have sex with him? Right now my favorite thing to do with him is make out. Last night we made out for hours...its like once I start kissing him I can't stop. Last night I really got him going and he was very turned on, but when I said we needed to stop he did. I'm feeling emotionally attached already and he seems to be, too. So how soon for sex? I was actually thinking if he came to meet my family I might have sex with him after that....?

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If you're in an exclusive relationship, I don't think it matters "when" you have sex. If you're both really into each other, it's not likely to change that. If you want to take him to meet your family, I don't see the harm in that, either. My husband and I moved very fast and it was discouraging to hear all the negative things people had to say about the dangers or risks or whatever associated with moving quickly (which can be true but I subjected myself to people raining on my parade by asking them what they thought of every little thing and I have regrets about that now).

Enjoy what it is while it is what it is!! Do what feels right.

Best wishes.

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Like Sauvignon said you have to do what feels right to YOU. Every relationship/ situation is different and what might work for one couple might not for another. Talk to him. If you BOTH agree that the timing is right to meet your parents then go for it. One thing I will say though, do not have sex just because he met your parents. You should be intimate with him because you feel it is the natural progression to your relationship. Just like meeting your parents, it should be something that you both want and are comfortable with.


Good luck.

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Ok, this fast-mover and I are exclusive. Its going really well so far.


Wow, it would've had to be a fast mover, as this isn't doesn't seem to be the same guy you posted about a week or so ago (the one with performance anxiety).


Everyone's different though. I'm a notoriously slow mover, and in no way would I be ready to be any kind of serious about sex yet or ready to meet the family.

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Well, some may think it was soon, but we had sex today, on date #3. Or we sort of did.. He ejaculated prematurely, but that was fine.


And what is great is even after he is being as sweet as ever telling me he can't wait to see me again. I'm happy.

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You have sex when you are both comfortable with it.


I met this girl ONE WEEK AGO TODAY, and after sleeping at her place TWICE, celebrating her birthday (two days after meeting), and going on two dates, we made it exclusive (on Thursday). The fastest I've ever gone, but it feels right. She and I went to the same school, and although we didn't know each other, we saw each other frequently. Like, it was a small school and everyone is aware of everyone. And we have many mutual friends.


She said the other day that she is on birth control. However, I told her that we will have sex when it happens. I'm spending the night with her tonight, so who knows? Sex isn't always planned. We haven't had sex yet, despite sleeping in bed with her twice already. Starting to get comfortable with the idea of doing it.


I have never dated multiple women/girls at once, so I suppose it was exclusive on my behalf from the get-go.

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Like many of the other people have said before, it will happen when you both feel your ready. But from my personal experiences its sometimes best to wait for the Lust to become more of a Loving relationship before jumping into the sack with him/her. Sometimes when you have sex early in the relationship it just stays Lust and never really has a chance to become love. I'm not saying it always happens but occasionally it does. But still when you guys feel like its the right time then its the right time

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