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What are you happy you dont have to deal with anymore?

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I was in the shower and it just hit me that I am glad I dont deal with:


Him ALWAYS being in the streets doing SOMETHING. He cant never be at home or sit down some where. Stay going Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for sure...friday for sure...saturday for sure, sunday for sure. It use to drive me crazy sometimes.


Him always wanting to dress all fly everytime we go somewhere so he can get the attention.I saw him in a pic recently and he made sure he was looking hot. Everyone else was chilling. ugh!!


Him thinking "I" need to be something every freaking weekend. Sometimes I just want to stay at home. I know he would think Im boring. I cant be in the streets all the time and take care of myself and the house. Im a grown woman!


Sorry I guess I just needed to vent the stuff I dont miss.

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