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Being a player vs. Swiftly moving from one relationship to the next


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Does being a "player" entail there being a primarily sexual motivation? I've been called a ladies man before, and while I certainly don't MIND being called that, I think some people misunderstand me... or they know and aren't barking up the wrong tree.


I dated my first girlfriend this past Fall/Winter. We dated for 5 months and didn't have sex until two months into the relationship, breaking up at the end of February. Around April, I started dating another girl, a one month long relationship (if you want to call it a relationship), in which we were not close at all, that ended the Tuesday before last. This evening, I had a long, excellent conversation with a girl I went to school with (who I had never met, only seen in passing) and we left with each other's numbers. Not saying in any way that this is going to be relationship #3. I mean, I barely know her. But hey, if it happens, it happens.


Anyway, while dating girl #2, I was not quite over my ex (girl #1), and she was not quite over HER ex, either. After she and I split up, I felt some what down for a few days and have since been gradually lifted back up to the happily single person I was before meeting girl #2.


A friend of mine the other day half-jokingly called me a player. I just laugh those kinds of things off. Not making a big deal of it or anything. I just want to hear your thoughts on what it means to be a player verses swiftly moving form one relationship to the next. Is it in the intention? Like, one night stands verses short-term dating verses long-term dating?

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I would say yes. It is largely about intention. The friend was just saying that because of the number of girls that are in your life. Obviously players just jump from one girl to the next not caring about feelings or getting to know someone on a deeper level. Seems to me though that you are going out on dates and getting to know these girls with the ultimate intention of a relationship (and that you would be open to a long term relationship if things turned out that way)

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