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Does long hair (on men) turn women on?


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That's actually a good length for you, Hex. You should have kept it.


I dunno, maybe I'll grow my hair to that length? I sort of had something similar going a few months back, but once again, I let my hair grow and get out of control.


Well, it's difficult for me since I have such a "formal" job. I can't go through the awkward hair phases to get back there and still be able to fashion my professional image for work. Plus, it's a lot of work to keep it looking nice, so lazyness + necessity = shorter hair.

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I have long hair so I figure I'd give you what I've sort of encountered. 70% hate long hair. Period. Just a blatant turnoff that you can't work around. I'd say 25% are neutral...this means if it's in decent shape, it suits you, and isn't a style that's sort of manifested through a lack of effort/laziness then it is ok. 5% are really into it. Fetish-like stuff. Pretty hit or miss whether they refer to themselves as something weird like goth queen or something, lol. I've got some strange messages from strange people. Length kind of affects it too. The countdown has already started on my hear since I begin an internship the second week of June. Attached is a pic for reference. I'd like to think I have some sort of privacy concern here...but at this point I don't care. Here you go. I just took this and I haven't slept, so I don't actually want to kill someone, my eyes are just droopy. Imagine rainbows.

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