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Hah, dont you guys hate the song "Need You Now' by Lady Antebellum ?

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lmao! I'm glad that I'm not the only one that gets haunted by the song. I'm not big into country but that song is my guilty pleasure and have totally deticated that one to my recent ex. Ha. It sucks cuz I work at a daycare and during nap time they put the radio on and around 1pm everyday they will play it because of the whole "quarter after 1" thing. lol. Pisses me off.


A few weeks back I had an emergency with my car where I needed help and my ex and his brother came down to help. On the ride back his brother was flipping through stations and the dong started to come on. I was in the backseat smirking and thinking to myself "go figure it comes on now of all times". Luckily his brother switched the station and they had no idea what my thoughts were but when he switched it I was thinking "oh thank you god".


So yes, good song, LOVE it and love to hate it!

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Dont torture yourself. Most music is about love or love lost. When I was out last night I listened to Guns N Roses. "Sweet child of mine" "November Rain" and more. It could have been torture, but instead it was awesome music and my bad singing voice. No one can make you feel bad except you. Some stupid song certainly does not deserve to do that.

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they are playing this song all over the radio stations so its impossible to avoid it


People still listen to radio?


I've never heard the song, but I'll assume it's sad. I happen to concur with one of my favorite musical artists that "the saddest music is also the most beautiful."

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I hate it also, my ex (dumper) called me about 5 times non-stop one night about a month ago, attempting to break 20 days NC I had initiated....I didn't pick up, but of course I was much too interested in why she would call 5 times in a row at 3am, maybe she wanted me back?!...so I broke NC and texted her the next day, only to get "oh, I'm sorry, that Lady A song was playing and it just made me sad so I wanted to talk, but nothing has changed, still don't want you back, sorry Hun bye!"...Ugh!!


Another one I hate, for the guys who were left like me, is "Break Even" by Script...."you got his heart and my heart and none of the pain, you took your suitcase and I took the blame, I got time and you got freedom".....ahhhrrggg...I really think that would be the theme song to this healing after breakup sub-forum, if it were to have one!


Just have to turn it off or switch the station, no need to "make" yourself listen and get sad.

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