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Sometimes you've really got to laugh;- the relationship my ex is currently in is something of a joke.

Its long-distance but she's never come to visit him- he always goes to visit her. She's never met any of his friends, she really isn't a part of his life at all.


It really makes me laugh because its just so TRUE that my ex uses this girl as a way to escape his problems. When I was with him he was always keen for me to spend time with his friends and meet his family. She's probably too excited that he always makes the effort to see her to twig that she's just a way out for him.


I also laugh at how little self-respect this girl has- she's been dumped by him twice because he 'needs to sort himself out' and has twice got back with him, despite the fact that he's no closer to sorting himself out. One of the times he dumped her he even turned around to me, told me he loved me and that being with her felt 'wrong', that I'm the only person whose ever made him happy, that I've done more for him than anybody else, that I was his best friend and that I was right when I said he was only with her as a way to escape his life.



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Heh, yeah its great.


Even now, when he's unemployed and has no money, he still goes to visit her. Its not like she can't afford to see him, she's quite well off.


Don't get me wrong, I love him to bits but haaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa They both need to get a grip on reality.

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lately i've been noticing a pattern on the exes on ENA that get into new relationships,

its as if their standards are really low after a relationship and they tend to get with the first little ugly soul they come accross, just to try and make an attempt on filling the hole left in their lives.


i guess its kinda as if we have a level for dating,

and when breaking up with someone the ex feel as thou that level was to hard. so they go down some levels, and since the lower levels are just to easy they feel like some kind of power.!



my ex was on the rebound for some time,

she left me for someone who was really ugly!!!! he had no personality at all!

no style, no friends and no life...

since he was a totall loser, it made her feel good because he worshiped her!

she then dumped him and now cant get rid of him because he became obssessed with her.






lol me and my crazy theories!

its just really late and no sleep at all.

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Oh yeah? I guess you're in the states then(?)

Its 3.15 here, in the UK. I'm trying to get Uni work done for five, s'quite a lot. Shudda done it last night but somehow ended staying up until 3am getting stoned and then cooking stir fry, playing chess and watching red dwarf.


But you're right- I guess they're just looking for an ego-boost.

To be fair I think my ex and this girl probably get on, he's not a total-evil-user type person but if she didn't live to far away I don't think he'd be going out with her. And the fact that he ditched her very soon after I came back into his life says a lot. Hahahahahahahahaha.

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Ah yeah. We did lots of fighting because he went out with her after we broke up, I was very upset about that and we had a major falling out. Few months after that we decided to sort things out, but he was still with her.

We decided to be friends and a few weeks after that he turned around and told me he'd dumped her, that being with her felt 'wrong' because he loved me, that I'm the only person whose ever made him happy, that I've done more for him than anybody else, that I was his best friend and that I was right when I said he was only with her as a way to escape his life.

It wasn't like I was even surprised by this, aaaahahahahaha. I totally saw it coming, I literally just sat back and waited for him to come running back.

The sad part to this story? He was suicidally depressed at the time, and I got cut out. As suicidally depressed people often do cut out the people they care about.

He had a major breakdown and moved to his hometown, which also happened to be the town she moved to when she started her degree. Complete coincidence, but they ended up getting back together a few months later. He's moved back to where he was now, and its all long-distance again. Someone I know lived with him in his hometown for a month, said he never met his new girlfriend- she never came over. None of his family or friends know her.


What happened with your ex?

And how come you've stayed up till 7.30 with no sleep? Thats impressive.

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lol well i had to give my parents a ride to the airport,

just got back like 2 hours ago,

i don;t know i had a lot of coffee,





your story seems exactly like mine!

only i haven't been cut out yet.

my girl is suicidal too,

im actually finding ways to try and help her

we aren't back together

i think this could be what is holding her back,

she dumped that guy to be with me just like your guy did.



i just wish i could convince her to go to therapy but i can't

and i can't get to close to her because her family hates me,

they have blamed all this on me although she was the one that dumped me,

and became depressed when we were apart.

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my ex was depressed and also had anxiety issues. he was always worried i was going to leave him, he wasn't good enough, etc (which i did not feel AT ALL...i loved him and never had thoughts of breaking up). anyways, some of my friends said maybe he broke upp with me because he felt insecure and afraid that one day i'd leave him... sorta did it to protect himself in the long run. has anyone had that happen before?? now he's with some younger girl who just seems immature and stupid and is probably feeding his ego huge.

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