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he was unfaithful and i want to forgive him


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I completely agree with HK. Ughh why is it always that when a guy is caught cheating he always says something pathetic like " it's because I have been feeling distant from you"....well did you ever try to fix the situation. Of course not, it was easier to stick it to someone else.


To top it off, he tells you that IF he misses you, then things might work out....MIGHT!


In my opinion you are much better off without this guy. I know you have gotten used to having him around and that when that happens it can be hard but believe me you will over come this. It might not seem like ie but believe me you will.

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Hello everyone,


Well last night i went to bed and had one of the best nights sleep in a long time. Your positive attitudes really helped me, however. today i wake up to find a message on my phone from him saying he is missing chatting to me. He heard i was feeling better and was happy for me. why did he do this>? help me. it has knocked me back again thinking that he does care and he does miss me... ;-( X

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I know exactly what you're going through. My ex did almost exactly what yours did. She chatted up the guys online, making little relationships (even


If your ex(and mine) want to be wild and sleep around and not tied down by great people who would have supported them forever, let them! You offered love and companionship and he turned it down for fleeting lust and irresponsible fun. He will regret his actions when he realizes that no one will treat him as well as you did.


All you can do is push through the grief. Eventually you will want to date and find a new man. That new man may just appreciate how loving and wonderful you are.




Perfectly said. This really applies to a lot of us. Including me and just what I needed to read this AM!

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today is a bad day today. ;-( wish he wouldnt contact me. i cant think properly or take the time to heal and think straight


Stay strong, there will be days like this. Post under the Post here instead of contacting your ex and the No Contact challenge thread, write your thoughts down, go for run, get drunk with your friends, cry but don't respond to his contact.


You know the issue here is not just him chatting with girls online.


It's that he blamed you and as House Kitten said he could have tried to talk about it. Saying you became distant, maybe HE became distant you know?


Then he said he's not sure he's inlove with you any more. Not good. We should never (even subconsciously) try and convince a guy how special we are.


And then he leaves the door open 3-4 weeks down the line either a)in case he doesn't find something else or b)he has some taste of being single and then coming back to security.

I hope I'm not being too blunt, we all understand how awfull you must feel right now.


Be strong girl, you are not alone.

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Think about the long run with this guy. If he decided to mess around elsewhere because you were somewhat distant for a month...ONE month, mind you...that means he isn't likely to make sacrifices for you in the future, and his loyalty and dedication levels are very low. You can't count on a guy like him to stick through the rough times with you.


I know it hurts bad. I'm hurting too and am probably in denial about some things with my situation. It's always easier to look at something from the outside. Nevertheless, I hope you find peace soon.

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Stay strong, you can do this.


You don't need a man who would make you feel like this in the first place. You deserve far better, and soon enough you're going to stop feeling unhappy and start feeling angry that this loser wasted your time with his excuses!


Anytime you feel weak or unhappy, come here and talk about it read this thread back and remind yourself exactly why he's an ex now!

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