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So the ex is acting weird once again...being that this is our second break up I know how he acts etc...yet he is one confusing person.


reason i say this is for the following things that happened:


1. I was studying, he bumps into me. we talk, he tells me his plans, ideas, and talks about himself, I act like i could care less. Everytime i thought he was going to leave, he would stay. He leaves, and 5 minutes later he texts me something we were talking about that day. later that night he IM's me saying how he envied the fact i was going on a trip. Again when i thought he was leaving he kept Iming me about his day...when I asked him if he told anyone else about his day, he said no, and then I asked why he was telling me? he ended up saying nevermind and goodnight. then left.

the confusing part about this:

- he was just trying to act like a friend, hes just being dumb, or he just likes to bother me? again i am confused by his motives.


2. I'm on my trip, and i decide to go to my messenger (i was invisible) to see if my friend was on, and when i opened my messenger I receive a message (received while i was offline) asking how my trip was and how lucky i was. (I didnt respond).

the confusing part about this:

- he is bored and has nothing better to do, he misses me, he wants to see if i blocked him, or he could have been drunk? (i dont know what his reason could have been to send me an offline message)


now thats all that happened at the moment (I dont know if he has sent me a text since I have my cell off and do not plan on turning it back on till i get back home )


so any ideas? (not trying to read too much into these things, Im just wondering why? you know.) anyone want to share something similar?

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horrible. I was online yesterday and he appeared, and said nothing....after he clearly left me an offline message. I guess he was waiting for me to respond, but I'm not going to. Its already such a twisted thing what he is doing playing with my emotions that way.

sighs...I love him because i know for sure I wouldnt have put up with any of this from my other exs.

ridiculous I became a softy

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I do agree that coming up with your own conclusions is a big headache! but it is getting on my nerves how in the couple of days he has tried to keep contact. Now I don't mind since I am just living my life as it should be, but it is all very confusing.

1. now he has decided to add me on twitter, when about 2 weeks ago he took me off.

2. I never responded to his offline message he sent me...and i went on my messenger a couple of times. Though today he decides to say hi to me, and ask me about my trip.

I mean its great he wants to start a friendship, i dont mind at all, but he keeps going from hot to cold kind of thing.

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