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Just when everything seemed going fine...ignoring each other for month, totally NC except few sentences in school and random meetings on the street...


I went to favourite pub of our school. We have been going there for 3 years now and it's basicaly "our" pub, of our class in school. I was chatting with my friend and classmate and them BOOM.

My ex's cousin and her bf comes with my ex and her ex (see my thread). I didn't let the shock overcome me, so i kept cool, smiled and greeted them. Me, my friend and classmate continued in talking, while the pairs went to other table. After an hour (we kept ignoring each other, although she looked at me few times I guess) we all said goodbye and I drove her cousin and her bf home. When we were driving away, my ex and her ex hugged rach other and waved at us.


I was destroyed.


I hear everywhere that communication is key but I don't know how to set it up. Please, advise me. Thank you.


( )

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Next day, she came up to me and asked me if I go to Norway on July. It's a school trip and we were going there together with other friends. I said I guess I do. She told me that she doesn't and that I can go with someone else. I said ok.


I give it two weeks and then I guess I'll invite her somewhere. No contact for month now and I see myself getting better but I don't think that this ignoration leads somewhere.

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