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no contact thing


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well i told my wife i want nothing to do with her today. And to contact me only if an emergency.

think its better this way instead of her just winding me up and pushing me to move all the time.

I dont know how hard its going to be yet as its only day one...im making a lot of changes in my life now. For me no one else.

Rough seas ahead

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Well, her plane arrives in 2 hours,

I think I will leave the house for a while today. Maybe sleep downstairs tonite.

I hope she is to jet-lagged to wind me up.

No talking is going to have to get on hold for a few days I think. My HK tax just came in and I need to file with her. Might as well use her to lower my taxes for another year.

Also her parents are involved right now, and on my side actually...for now. We will see, parents always defend children.

It's a shame her parents are such great people and the only one with her head on straight is her oldest sister. Sort of.

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Got a great letter in the mail today.



I've been fighting the bill they gave me for last year. A total of $37,000HKD

(about $5000 USD)

They cancelled my charges!!!

That would have killed a big chunk of my savings if I had to pay. And would have put me in a bit of a bind financially. It costs that much to just move into a new flat over here...

At least something is going good.

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Nope no letter and no suprises.

She was the one who actually contacted me...at 2am. Asking where I am going to sleep and if I could stay at my friends house or downstairs in her fathers empty flat.

I told her in simple polite words, that I pay for the house I'm in and am going to stay there as long as I want. (thanks lost) Then asked her if it was an emergency and if not then there is nothing else to talk about.

Pretty good response at 2am in a bar with 6 pints in me.

So far day one is going by ok, she left this morning to who knows where.

Should maybe take a day or two and do some surveilance there are some fishy things going on.

Talking to a lawyer this week, dont really want to deal with those people but looks like I have to just to keep my a$$ covered.

Fun times ahead...

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Good for you!

This is where taking control back of your life will help you emotionally. You basically told her that you are in control of what you do and when. She may have went to see a "friend" to discuss this surpising turn of events.


Keep your eyes wide open. I think you will see things you never thought possible once your vision clears. Don't feel bad if you missed all the signs, love will do that to you. It did it to me....



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