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  1. the real answer...is only you know...no one can tell what the future will bring...if she was the best one for you or if you are just having regret. being alone after a break up is awkward....and feels strange....but know it'll pass.
  2. if married I can tell you as it was done to me: 1- check phone records...there will be an obvious call pattern to one number 2 - phone records again...check text messages...they will all go to the same number 3 - phone records again - late night calls and calls during time when 'SO' 'went to the restroom' 4 - late nights 5 - checking on when you will and won't be home 6 - drinking more - SO will disguise 7- read SO journal if they keep one 8 - check their email 9 - if all else fails ASK THEM FLAT OUT. If its a boyfriend and you are not married....assume he is and
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