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Is she just friendly?

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Hello all,


There is a girl I am friends with whom has been on my mind a lot the past few months. It's the same girl that is the subject of all my others posts if you would like to see a little background info on it.


The gist is that we went on a few dates in the past, she entered into a relationship with someone else and stopped dating me, then a few months later broke up with him and went back to flirting with me. I was unsure of how to proceed at the time because I was a little bummed at being her Plan B. But sufficient time has passed where I feel like I *am* interested and she still seems to flirt but now I have a dilemma... I wonder is she just being friendly?


The last time we were out together we were at a spring festival enjoying the fresh air with myself bringing my camera to take pictures of things at this place. We ended up having a lot of fun (as usual) with lots of things that made me go hmmmm:

1) A stranger offered to take our picture together without us asking. We agreed so I wrapped my arm around her and she seemed very receptive to this.

2) A few photos of us together she and I locked arms.

3) I had her take a funny picture of me in front of something but to do so she had to cross a busy road. I held her hand while crossing the road and she seemed receptive to this.

4) Towards the end of the day she insisted on a few more photos together locked arms and her body facing inward towards me.

5) She never seemed uncomfortable with me, and often playfully teased by rubbing my shoulder or poking at my arm.

6) Lots of playful banter back and forth.

7) She asked me about how I feel being single at one point and she mentioned her last relationship was a few months ago without me asking.


With that said, originally we weren't going to spend the day together alone, she actually was going to introduce me to one of her friends in a possible match-making scenario (me having dinner with her and her friend as the introduction). However, I told her the day before I'd rather spend the day with her alone and not be introduced to her friend as possible date. She chalked it up to me just being really shy, which to an extent is true but really I just wanted to spend time alone with her, but she agreed to go with me and cancel the dinner 3-date.


She really believed I just canceled that date with her and her friend because I was shy, but at the end of our nice day together I told her the real reason was that I wanted to spend time with her. At that point I was just about to drop her off at her place. When we got to her place she seemed nervous and thanked me for the nice day and fled the vehicle without looking me in the eyes.


So what do you think? Is she just comfortable with me and friendly flirting or is she interested? Normally the actions throughout the day would make me think she is interested but the nervousness at the end has me doubting.

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it seems that she is using you.. she falls for you when she is alone..dats ok though. But make sure you dont land in the just being friends zone. Gently let her know of what you feel..remember gently!

I am not really sure what you mean. How is she using me? What should I let her know? Sorry I am just a little confused.

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