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Q for the guys


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Guys, after you've been with a girl for around a year or so or after you've moved in together

do you still get excited to see her without a shirt/undressing?

or is it kind of like.. been there done that?


I mean, obviously she's still attractive to you, but is it the same as it was in the beginning of your relationship? Do you just have to have her once you see her clothes coming off or does that die down?

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I wouldn't say it's the same but ya it's a turn on.


Let me get some sandwich from..."oh hey boobs!" is what goes in our head.


lol, the mind of a typical male...


I can't speak for the guys but as a woman, seeing my guy naked after any length of time together is still a turn on. Is it as exciting as those first few times? Maybe not, but that's where the fun in making it exciting comes in.

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It depends on the guy.


Some guys get excited no matter how long.


Some guys get used to seeing her naked and it doesnt do much for them like it did before. This is why lot of guys try to get their girl to put on lingerie, to spice things up.


You shouldn't take it personally if you are with a guy that is more of the latter then the former. It is mostly based on either their personality or how their mind works...which I guess is pretty much the same thing.


If you are with a guy that is always into you no matter how long, great.

If you are with a guy that after a while starts to become less excited by you naked, then I say try to spice things up.

But if that doesn't work then I suggest trying to find out what the problem is, dont jump to cheating, it may be an option, but it is one in many.

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