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Does he miss me? Will he contact me? Should I care?

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Its been about a month now since I broke up with my ex. I was doing pretty well because I didn't miss him and rarely thought about him. I started hanging with more friends to take my mind off of things. My mother and I were in the store recently and I saw my ex and his friends. I tried to keep walking but she insisted on stopping and calling his name. He turned around and greeted her. I felt uncomfortable but obligated to turn around and wave. When I did he only looked at me and kind of stared until I turned around. That was the second time I saw him since the break up.The first time i saw him he was with his brother and friends and it was really awkward but he stopped, smiled and waved and I waved back.

Well school is ending for summer and I will have more free time. This means more time for my mind to wonder and lately ive been thinking of my ex since I saw him. I guess in a way im upset because he didn't seem sincerely upset about the break up at all. I end up replaying the situation and I get upset. I want him to miss me, I honestly want him to miss me and want to come back to me. I have not contacted him but not knowing how he feels is getting to me. We are facebook friends. He has kept all the pics of us posted and I havent seen any proof of girls, only new pics with male friends but I doubt he would make something like that obvious.

Does he miss me? Will he contact me? Should I care?

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My answer to each of your 3 questions: yes; probably not; no.


There are some people who don't show their emotions. He's probably a guy's guy. He'll never cry to your face. Probably never beg you to come back. Behind closed doors, he probably mopes around and pines for you.


It happened with me. I'd never call my ex. Haven't seen him since the break-up nearly 2 months ago. He's contacted me and I hung up in his ear 6 times.

He must be thinking "my ex hates me." But I don't. I love him more than I've ever loved another guy. But I have to go into no-contact. Because that's the only way I can heal. I count the seconds I'm away from him.


What I'm trying to say is that your ex probably misses you more than you know. But he won't show it, and, as he has his brother and friends, he probably has a strong support system. If he's waved at you before, and just started this time, he was probably in shock or caught off guard and froze. But rest assured that he misses you like crazy.


But if you want him back, you need to send him a text just to say hi (nothing emotional or needy). Don't send it now, because the emotions are probably still raw. But give him a few more weeks.

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Q. Does he miss you?

A. Nobody here can tell you that for certain but the answer (being a human and knowing how the ones I know tend to think) is probably, yes. Doesn't mean he's exclusively sitting there pining for you though; It might be a dollop of missing with a pinch of mortification at being kicked to the kerb and a bucket load of "Balls to her"


Q. Will he contact you?

A. Again, lacking a crystal ball, we have no idea. Are you open to being contacted? Have you done anything to show him that you would? You broke up with him so he would most likely be reluctant to get shot down again even if he wanted to.


Q. Should you care?

A. If you are asking this question then you obviously already care- so what you should be asking yourself is why do you care? Do you just miss what you had or do you think you made a mistake and were too hasty in ending things? We are bound to miss someone who we spent a significant amount of time with so just because you broke up with him doesn't mean that you're a heartless person who will just switch off and move on. It's hard turning to someone you had high hopes for and telling them that you don't want to be with them anymore so give yourself a break.

Give yourself time to grieve and try to understand that dumper does not automatically = evil, cold and heartless.

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Okay,thanks for the advice guys. A part of me wants to open up a means of communication because I would like to know what his way of thinking is and how he feels towards me. When I ask myself whether or not I want to be with him I cant help but think I would be putting myself in a situation where I would be unhappy once again unless he were willing to change. Im afraid to contact him because if he is truly over me and moved on I would be getting rejected again. That would really hurt.

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