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Anyone know of any good books? Words of affirmation?


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There is this girl I know through mutual friends and I am attracted to her, she is damn near a model, but she doesn't date anyone, just lives alone. Anyways I have been trying to figure out how to get her to talk to me more, and a few days ago she said something off hand to her friend and I butted in and gave her what Gary Chapman calls words of affirmation. Now ever since then she says hi to me and calls me by name every time she sees me whether I have noticed her around or not.


Long story short is that I am having a hard time thinking of how to bring about a personality that gives words of affirmation regularly and was wondering if anyone knows of any books that has like a thousand different sayings that are meant to be positive sayings.

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I'm sure they exist, but I think you should use what you already have. You said something nice to her, now she always says hi. The next time she says hi compliment her with something you know about her, not something that came from a book. For example "I just love the way you smile when you say hi to me."

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Oh yes, gotta love those books by Gary Chapman. i take it your "language" is just that: "Words of Affirmation"?!


i DO agree with what Maalox suggested though, just find something to compliment her in. It can be related to her personality, what you're talking about, etc.


Words are powerful so try and pick some nice things to say when you see her, have some up your sleeve and let others just become habit to 'slip out'.


Hope all goes well!


God Bless!

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