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Oral? how do I stop this from happening


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Queefing = fart noise that your vagina makes because air gets stuck there and comes out during sex. This is what you're talking about, right?


Yes, I can understand that it would be embarrassing. I can only remember 1 time that I queefed. My boyfriend at the time laughed and said that I turned an odd shade of red!


You may want to try other positions and see if that stops the queefs. also, try putting on some more lubricant.

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It's never happened to me, so I can't suggest anything on that score...except to ask why it's happening during oral. Because I'm not sure how you're getting so much air in there just from oral, unless he's blowing air into you.


Which would be very bad practice, so just make sure he doesn't, because there is a chance that could lead to an air embolism (air that gets into your bloodstream and can be serious.)

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As a guy, I don't mind queefs at all. A girl typically needs to be very turned on for it to happen at all, and the extra "vibrations", if you will, feel nice. It might cause a little chuckle when it happens, but don't make a big deal of it and don't be embarrassed by it.

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