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The bf expressed an interest in Caribbean cruises, so I'm looking into those as well. They seem to be cheaper, which is a plus. I'm still way more into the idea of a Med. cruise, but it may not be doable for us with me just finishing school at that point... What cruise lines do you recommend for Caribbean trips? Any particular ports? I'd love to have at least one stop in Jamaica.

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ive been on a boat load (no pun intended) of cruises. i mostly cruise with NCL because they have numerous dining options, where as others you, for the most part, eat in one dining hall. you could easily find a cruise that stops in jamaica.


to me, since you im just stopping at each place for a day, there is no one place that blows me away, although some stops have more varied/interesting excursions to offer, which you can read about before picking a cruise.


but a few things that stand out over all the caribbean/central american stops were the green monkey tour in barbados, cave tubing in belize, and the hot springs in grenada or dominica (i forget which isle).

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Caribbean cruises are lots of fun! There are some really good deals for those and are cheaper then Euro cruises all the way around. I've been on a few. I've cruised with Princess and Carnival down there both were good. Carnival is much cheaper. So I'd try them. Most of the lines do the same routes and I've heard mostly good things about all the lines. Anyhoo, some stops I enjoyed were St. Kitts, St. Maartan, St. Lucia, Cayman Islands, and St. Thomas. Jamaica was cool as well. Though probably more fun just going there rather then for a day trip. Really all were cool and had something fun to do and/or see. If you want some sun and fun - go south!


So have you guys considered an Alaskan cruise? Eliminates a flight though doesn't get you very far from up here. hehe Supposed to be amazing.

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I hate cruises, and I think they are smelly disgusting collections of filth. They ship out to the middle of the ocean where there is no escape from the overpriced drinks and pervasive smell of tanning oil.


But some people like them! Make sure you read the reviews and compare also what is included. Cheaper isn't always cheaper!

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