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Feeling stuck in life =(

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Originally I wanted to be a pediatrician and I still do, but the thing is the pre med classes are way too hard for me(I fail at math and science) and I'm barely making it through math 101, which is a prereq class for bio 101. And even if I DO manage to pass the classes, mostly likey my grades will be low and I wont be able to get into med school(which is way too expensive for us) =( Also I really want to live in Germany one day and it's more difficult to be a doctor there(plus I heard and read they don't get paid as much as here)


So after watching a lot of shows about houses, I decided that maybe real estate would be a better option, since college education isn't all that important(I still want to stay in school) but when I asked someone about it they gave me nothing but discouraging answers ._. saying that my major(history) is useless, the major I'm thinking about changing it to(german) was also useless and how hard it is and most people give up and blah blah. Just a whole bunch of negativity!


I'm going to talk to a career advisor, but right now I don't know what I want to do in my life and I feel stuck and bored..

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Im onto my 2nd masters and all these degrees have opened many doors for me. Dont let anyone fool you, a college degree is very important. You can get a job without one but you're slightly less marketable and its nice to have to fall back on. Just do what makes you happy and if thats being a pediatrician, it is definitely not too late to change those grades around. It may take more work but it will be worth it later.

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It's a bit of a leap from paediatrician to real estate! It makes me wonder if you actually know your heart well enough to follow it?


It is great that you have bitten the bullet and are being realistic - this is a really tough part of growing up and getting on with life - but there is no need to punish yourself by jumping into something totally unrelated to your interests!


What is your reason for wanting to live in Germany?


I know this is a long way from where you are but me two daughters BOTH wanted to change career and improve their language and they both took the route of au pairing - my younger daughter is currently near PAris and has lots of American friends there doing the same as she is.


My elder daughter went to Italy with no Italian, and no expecrience of kids - and she now, two years on, has a rally good job which she loves, in research, and speaks fluent Italian.


Maybe you need to take a creative leap to where you want to be? Au pairing is great because it's temporary. If you like the sound of it try looking at link removed

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Sorry if I wont be able to give any advise but Ill tell you my scenario just in case it could help you a bit...


Im currently 21 yrs old, originally, I wanted to finish Electronics and Communications Engineering so I took it after I graduated high school (Im 16 at that time), however, after highschool, I also took my bad habbit also, being addicted to video games to the extent that Ill sacrifice attending my class for it... So it always happens that my profs dropped me in their class, gve me an incomplete grade or failed me, if Im lucky theyll give me the lowest passing mark.. so I took my 1st yr in engineering twice, then my parents had enough of me and they forced me to stop my studies then I applied as a factory worker, seeing how hard it is to find a job and if you're lucky to find one, the job is hard and it doesnt pay well...


So after 3 years, Im 19 by that time, I chose to take a 2 year vocational course, it s software engineering and did my best, I now got high marks but the sad thing is the school dissolved the college department and we are left with no diploma nor certificate with all our money gone to waste and with a problem of looking for another school (btw, that school is where I met my ex, shes my fist love and shes the reason why Im here in ENA)...


Now, Im 21 years old, Ive already finished my 1st year in Industrial Electrical Tech, 1 more year to go and Im done with school. See... Theres still hope, maybe you can still choose ather courses that are related in your interests just like mine, I love anything technical thats why my dream is to become an engineer and yes I failed but its not the end of the road, any technical courses will do for me, Ill become a technician and we are just below 1 level from engineers plus I can still continue to become an engineer because it is related...


How old are you anyways, if you're still young then theres still alot of chances for you plus I think you're from a developed country meaning you have lots of oppurtunities...


Im from the Philippines by the way...

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Well I wouldn't say it's totally out of my interest. Very different, but it's not like a "god, I can't do this, might as well just settle for this" thing. If that were the case, I would want to be a garbage lady, if there's such a thing, since they do make good money in big cities..anyway that au pair thing looks nice, but babysitting isn't my thing :S But thanks for the link! If I ever change my mind I'll look it up. And I turned 18 this week.

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but the thing is the pre med classes are way too hard for me


That is how they are supposed to be XShan. Hard!


Medicine is a long and gruelling marathon of study. It is not "easy", and is not meant to be easy.

A high standard is required of people who will be dealing with the health and lives of human beings. It is not some kind of hobby.


Also, in addition to considerable intellectual ability, you require a vocation.



right now I don't know what I want to do in my life and I feel stuck and bored..


Try to choose a career suited to your talents, and not because you are bored.



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Get a tutor for the classes you struggle with and continue with your dream. Or find something that's a little more attainable for you. So many people discourage college especially when you're struggling, but don't let them. It's very important to your future. I'm back in college not because I love school. I'm in it because I found my life without it to be very difficult. My jobs when I had one wasn't as flexible as I would like it to be. Now I'm training for housing, which seems like a good career considering we all need a place to live. So hopefully I find a lucrative job after college.

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