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Current squeaze seeing the ex!

Welsh lad

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ok so the girl im "seeing" i found out went to see her ex of 6 years last week.

Now she told me she had to go see him to pick her things up at some point.


She basically lied to me saying she was going to see her friend but i had a gut feeling she was going to see him so i asked her last night.


she admitted She had lunch with him and watched a football match in the evening. She feels bad that she didnt tell me but is adamant nothing happened or ever will with him but she still sees him as a friend but they arent right together as a couple.


How would others take that? im a bit miffed if im honest that she didnt tell me but i do believe nothing happened.

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if this is the same woman that slapped you a few weeks ago i must say i'm not surprised. she didn't tell you until you confronted her. how do you know she's not leaving other stuff out? then again i suppose if you are only "seeing" each other (not exclusive?) then it doesn't really matter.

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do we have to call her the one that slapped me?

shes apologised so much about it I can only forgive and forget seriously.


Yes we certainly arent exclusive, I made the desicion that we would just spend time together and see what happens as it was a long relationship for her. But everyday we become closer.


The lie will stick with me yes I cant argue that, in a way im pleased she told the truth as soon as I asked her.


Set her free? i did this 7 years ago and now shes back in my life.

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