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Stuck at this point.


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Ok, some of you know my ex-girlfriend who is pregnant left me for her ex. Well a lot has happened since then. My ex found out the baby is a boy and they plan on naming it Tristin Chase. I found all this out through facebook. She thinks I am denying the baby because I want a paternity test to prove it is mine because she crossed the line with her ex twice. Her whole family thinks I am denying it and I am not. My ex said I am not gonna get a paternity test and I told her then dont expect a penny from me. Sounds shallow I know but if it is not mine, I do not want to be raising a child that is not mine.


On a side note, she got back with her ex who cheated on her and all that crap, they started dating, and he returned to old habbits. He then cheated on her and left her. Karma sucks.


What should I do.

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Stand by the paternaty test. No brainer.

Unbelievable story. I can't believe that she's refusing. Even if I were in a loving relationship, if I got knocked up and my man asked me for a pat test, I'd give him one. And THEN have a little talk about trust issue. The fact that she's an ex, who'd cheated on you...


I can't believe anyone is giving you an ounce of flack for this.

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If she's going to take this to court, then you'll have to get a paternity. If not, you shouldn't be paying her a cent. What you can do is tell her that it's impossible to tell whether the child is really yours due to her philandering, and then go have a beer and enjoy your single life.

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