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For those in NC and moving forward... THE 15 DAY DO-WHATEVER-I-WANT CHALLENGE!!

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For those in NC and are completely committed to moving forward.


I challenge you to the 15 Day DO-WHATEVER-I-WANT CHALLENGE!


I guarantee you... this will be the most fun you'll ever have in such a long time. It will create lasting memories. It will create a more confident you. It will propel you right out of your months (or years) long funk.


The Requirements:

1. You MUST have had time to reflect and heal to an extent where you are comfortable with moving forward. Why is this? Because it gives you the proper perspective and a certain appreciation for the experience that you went through. You should always look back at a relationship, no matter how painful the end, and realize how great of a learning experience it was.

2. With that said, you MUST be committed to completely moving forward. Yes, that means letting him/her go. That means shifting your attention and focus from, "I hope..." to "I must do something better for myself"


If you are 100% in agreement with above and are looking for the way to move forward, continue forward and follow the rules of the game

The Rules:

1. PLAN SOMETHING TO DO FOR THE NEXT 15 DAYS! Do activities that you know you will enjoy. Do activities that will get you out of your shell. Do activities that you have never tried before. Do activities that will challenge yourself. Learn new tasks. Meet new people. Put yourself in a situation that you would have NEVER done if you weren't ready for it. Find a perfect mix, and plan something new to do EVERY DAY for the next 15 days. Of course, it can apply to more. Given your mental state, try and not make money and time as big of an issue. Keep within a budget, but don't be afraid to spend. Don't be afraid to take time. Remember, this is for yourself, which you can't put a price tag.

Potential Ideas: Theme Parks, physical sports, trying out new sports, rock climbing, bouldering, paintballing, laser tag, golf, surfing, snowboarding (for our friends currently in the Southern Hemisphere), Traveling, new expensive dinner, Hiking, skydiving, parasailing, hang gliding, sporting events, bungee jumping, asking that guy/girl at a bar, trying to break the ice, going to a new park, playing pickup basketball, jetskiing, bicycling through a city, skateboarding, rollerblading, dancing (any style), writing music, picking up an instrument, shopping, makeovers, etc. POINT IS: DO SOMETHING NEW! DO SOMETHING ORIGINAL TO YOURSELF! DO SOMETHING THAT WILL PUSH YOUR LIMITS AND CHALLENGE YOU! DO AWESOME THINGS, AND DO THEM FOR 15 DAYS!!!


2. Find a close group of friends to do these activities. Obviously, they can't just do this everyday. But find a close group of friends that you'd have an absolute blast doing these activities with, and invite them. Here's a catch, though. Also invite some friends that you aren't close with, but you think can create a closer bond with by doing these activities. Form STRONGER bonds and STRONGER friendships. It will only open up everything else for the future.


3. Complete these activities as you plan them, with your group of friends as they are available. STAY ON NC WITH YOUR EX DURING THIS PERIOD. Why? Because she isn't a focus for you right now. YOU ARE!! Don't worry... he/she will take notice of the things you're doing. But you're going to wind up extremely confident.


4. After each activity, briefly reflect on why it was good for you. Pick the high points of the experience, and write about it. For example, if you're afraid of heights, but successfully climbed a 20 foot rock, reflect/write about how you managed to conquer your dilemma. INSTILL THAT CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF!!!


5. While you are going out of your boundaries, KEEP TO YOUR PERSONAL VALUES!!! It is extremely important that you do this. If you don't believe in sex before marriage, don't go actively looking to sleep with people in a bar. If you hate binge drinking, DON'T BINGE DRINK! If you know you will feel guilty hooking up with people, then DON'T HOOK UP WITH THEM!


6. After your 15 days, reflect upon yourself and the experience as a whole. I just personally completed this task, and am 100% convinced that I am home free. Prior to this, I was 2 weeks into being completely committed to moving forward. I had my closure talk, and would say that I was about 80% there. After these last 2 weeks (that I deem to be the best of my life), I am 99% healed (I leave some space, just for the small, small stuff). But I haven't been this confident and this happy in... well... forever!


Try it!

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Great suggestion guiltyflood, I feel like going Bungee jumping now although I’m affair of direct height, fine with standing inside a tall building.


You are totally right about doing new things as a process of reinventing oneself, it gives moving on a great boost.



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