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(You can read my original thread if you want the whole story...Ex and Back again)


Broke up 10 months ago...Basically we have been talking now for 3-4 months...shes been seeing another guy (not sure where she is with him at this point)...but she tells me she loves me still and has no feelings for him....but she cant just sit around for the next three months doing nothing waiting to move here.....

Anyway Im going away for the summer next monday for 3 months...She insisted on coming down tonight to see me....So I just got a text from her asking "so are you getting excited to see me yet? LOL"


I dont know what to say to that....I get the feeling she is just doing this for her own satisfaction and ego boost...

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I wouldn't bother seeing her and call it off if you can. She technically has a boyfriend that's probably clueless about her feelings toward him (assuming she's telling you the truth, she's lied before you believe). She probably wants to try to impress you so that you'll be thinking about how great she is the whole time you are gone in order to keep her claws in you.


Until she dumps that guy I wouldn't give her the time of day. Being friends w/exs that are dating ends up enabling their relationship by you being the one filling in the void the other guy is missing. If the ex is seeing someone you should go NC until that person is out of the picture and the ex is desperate to talk to you.


That being said, sometimes they will drop the other person to be with you while you are still talking....only to go back to the other person a week later. Keep that in mind.


With any luck you'll be in a better state of mind when you get back and hopefully won't care one way or another.

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