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Do guys fidget a lot around girls they like?


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i was hanging out with this guy i seriously like last night, when he walked in, our eyes met, and i waved at him, and he walked over, and right away we started laughing, and pointed out the shoes he was wearing (my favorite kind) and he got all smiley, and he was moving back and forth a lot. it was cute. he stood next to me the entire show. afterwards, he came outside and he saw me, and i kinda broke away from my friends to talk to him, and he was laughing a lot, but boy was he fidgity! we started talking family guy and he kinda calmed down. when i went to leave he hugged me and said "i'll see you tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that"


i think he's catching on that i like him. but do guys fidget when they're nervous? i swear some do. he was almost literally dancing haha!

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