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Discomfort about a day after sex - anything to worry about?


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I slept with a guy a day or so ago and since then i've been experiencing slight discomfort in my abdomen. It feels like very slight twinges and tugging sensation, also a bit queasy but not to the point where i think i'm going to be sick. I'm on the pill but only started my new pack five days ago so shouldn't be getting my period for another 2-3 weeks. I didn't feel the discomfort straight after sex, it came on about nine or ten hours later. It doesn't hurt but i was just curious if anyone else has ever had it? It's lasted about 30 hours now.

Hope someone can help!

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Sometimes "strenuous" sex can cause cramping afterward. I've had it happen before. Also, if he bumped your cervix, it can cause a little pain and cramping too. I would take some Advil and use a heating pad for pain relief. It should pass in a couple of days. If it's not gone by about 5 days or so afterward, then maybe a call to your doc is in order.


But note..that is you spike a fever, start vomitting/diarrea, or the pain gets worse, then get to your doc or an emergency room.

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