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problems down there...

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Ok so I have a very embarrassing question to ask, and I want all nice responses. In other words if you have nothing nice to say don’t bother posting.


Here is my question. I have noticed that when I have a BM sometimes not all the time I end up with an itchy like almost a stingy feeling in the outside of my anus. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it truly bothers me. I also have like this extra skin right outside my anus sometimes it seems bigger than other times. My worry is that can I have hemorrhoids? Does anyone have any of this going on? Any advice….please don’t be rude about my post. And I am sorry in advance if I gross anyone out.

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Another thing this could be is a small tear (or 'fissure') - like piles (haemorrhoids) , this can be caused by straining and constipation. This can get better on its own (but won't if you strain to go to the loo) but it would be best to be checked as there are things you can be given to help.


Any change in bowel movements - whilst usually nothing to worry about - can be connected with something more serious such as bowel disease, even cancer. So it's always important to forget the embarrassment and get it checked out by a doctor. To them it's just a body part, honestly!

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Bah, don't be embarassed about hemoroids... any woman that has had a baby has probably gone a round or two with them, no biggie. I inhereted mine from my dad, and I will get them when my stress level is really high. They are terribly uncomfortable and can be very painful and itchy. As Cat said, I would go to a doc to be sure that is the issue first before trying to self-medicate or anything. I never went to a doc for mine, but considering I watched my dad struggle with them and buy Preperation H by the caseload the whole time I lived with my parents, when I came up with a garbuncle the size of Kansas on my hind end... I knew what was up. LOL There are lots of hemoroid creams and ointments in drugstores, if you find that is the cause of your discomfort, it is pretty easy to treat and will go away in a few days.


Sorry you have to deal with this, take care!

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