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Well as some may remember I was kinda falling for a guy I met online (S) all on here who advised me said he was a player. It all came to a head when he told me that he just wanted to be single for a while and that he didnt think he was the right guy for me and he wouldnt be in the city that long. Anyway we decided to stay friends anyway I texted him yesterday just to see how he was getting on cause his grandad died last week. Anyway we were chatting for a while and then he tells me he is planning on buying a house in the city, I said I thought it was only temporary but he said he is staying there now cause he really likes it there, by the way he was talking I knew he was going to say something I didnt want to hear, and sure enough the next message he says I ave something to tell you Im with someone now talk about a kick in the gut, it took me a few minutes to reply I said good for you to which he replies thanks. Then asks any other news, so I send some trivial stuff, turns out he is planning on buying a house thats out where she lives. I am feel like its last year all over again, I am so upset but I know at least it wont take as long as last time I am so determined to move on I deleted his number right away, I was willing to be friends but he lied to me and he promised he would never hurt me, if he had waited a while then fine but this is what less than two weeks later Im so mad at myself more than anything.


This however leads me to my latest problem, I decided to meet R tonight he is a nice guy, like me has been hurt etc, he really likes me I however dont feel the same. I think we are just way too different he is big into going out and partying whereas Im happy enough at just going out once in a blue moon. Also I know my parents wouldnt like him and he lives almost an hour away in a town I have no friends in. Despite the fact that I am almost 24 my mum kinda rules my life because I still live at home and even tonight texted me at midnite asking where I was and if I was ok even though I told her I was with friends. Also my life is hectic between work, my showjumping and college I need someone who is not so crazy and someone who lives close by or at least has a car that can travel to me not makin me travel to them. The problem now is he is going to be texting me tomoro looking to meet again and I dont want to seem like a * * * * * how do I let him down in a nice way without seeming stuck up.


Also have two more guys to meet and after this I give up on multiple dating, its so gona be one guy at a time from now on.


D I havent heard from in almost two weeks I have no idea what happened things seemed to be going well. But I deleted his number last nite two. I also got a text late last nite from another guy I had met, i asked him why he was texting all of a sudden he admited he wasnt looking for a gf just fun I told him where to go. Its something I have decided to do from now on is just to ask the guys straight out what they are after because I am sick of having my time wasted and whats left of my heart injured. Thing is now I am being really really careful and guarded when it comes to guys which could probably end up causing me to push them away but I am just so sick of being hurt. Please help

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My mom kind of rules my life, too. Living at home has a LOT of challenges. A cell phone made it worse for me, since my mom kept asking me to call her and blah blah blah... Anyhow, maybe you need a break from men -- but, don't push them away... if there are ones that seem like they genuinely care for you (actions/gestures and so forth... not the ones that know how to do it to just get into your skirt, in other words) go for it...? If you're ready, go for it, I mean.


If you're being pursued by more than one guy, you must be attractive and have many other qualities that they adore enough that they want to get to know you!

If I were you, I'd take it slow and I wouldn't date the multiple way... the multiple thing is kind of confusing and it always seems to end up hurting someone one way or another in the end. You are the best judge of your own situation, though.

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Thanks ya I mean R is nice just not for me. I have one more guy to meet who I think I might really click with though I will wait and see, I am meeting him friday. After this guy I am so taking a step away from dating its way way too confusing lol. And am never multiple dating ever again though thats hard with online dating damn my friend I blame her lol

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Convince one of them to marry ya! Eh? I mean, I'd like it, I think. To try marriage, it might be a good idea, for me... don't know about how long I could last. I'm bad at anything long-term. And I can't even keep a job long enough to pay all of my debts on time... I'm a disaster... or am I too hard on myself?


Answer when you can, my Ireland friend! Stalk me often! Message boards scare me... should stay away, but I can't... need to find ways to make money. Will be back shortly.

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My life doesn't make sense at all. I mean, money doesn't attract me to a man. It's his countenance, demeanour and qualities -- funny, as I'm watching "High Society" here in beautiful Canada... not sure about so many things. I am a confused wreck!

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Haha I think your gone on a bit of a tangent there lol. Haha no way do I want to marry anyone for a long long time Im confused enough after one date lol.


Meeting the last guy on friday, I think we are really going to get along, we have been 100% open with each other and he is looking for a relationship and he really understands me from the bit we have talked. I think I may have already met him as he used to work in the local niteclub and he looks so familiar. We have similar interests and yet have separate interests two, and we have similar personalities lol. Fingers crossed this is the one

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