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How to respond to: "jelly, i miss you, hugs" (full chat included, not very long)

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Been 2 weeks since she broke up with me, keeping LC. I have accepted the break up and am focusing on moving on. I am willing to be her friend, but I want to try reconciliation if at all possible.


Just wondering if I should respond at all. And if I should, what should I say? I miss her too, but I feel awkward saying it. Mostly because I am trying to steer away from friendzone.




(1:06:50 AM) ex: hi jelly

(1:06:53 AM) ex: are you there?

(1:46:37 AM) jellysandwich: oleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(1:46:40 AM) jellysandwich: oleeeeeeeeeeeeee oleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(1:46:47 AM) jellysandwich: hi hi

(1:47:06 AM) ex: hello

(1:47:10 AM) ex: are you okay jelly?

(1:47:40 AM) ex: jellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly

(1:47:53 AM) jellysandwich: im greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

(1:47:57 AM) jellysandwich: whats up

(1:48:22 AM) ex:

(1:48:26 AM) ex: just want to say hi

(1:48:42 AM) ex: are you playing games?

(1:49:15 AM) jellysandwich: hi hi

(1:49:36 AM) ex: jelly

(1:49:39 AM) ex: is it you?

(1:50:18 AM) jellysandwich: noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

(1:50:26 AM) jellysandwich: this is james (a fake alias that i use, that she knows about)

(1:50:27 AM) ex: who is that then?

(1:50:28 AM) ex: mimi

(1:50:31 AM) ex:

(1:50:35 AM) ex: hello james

(1:50:59 AM) jellysandwich: hello there little lady

(1:51:04 AM) jellysandwich: and what is your name?

(1:51:05 AM) ex:

(1:51:19 AM) ex: uhm

(1:51:24 AM) ex: i dont have a name

(1:51:24 AM) ex:

(1:52:32 AM) jellysandwich: you dont

(1:52:36 AM) jellysandwich: have a name?!

(1:52:43 AM) jellysandwich: you must be

(1:52:48 AM) jellysandwich: related to my cousin

(1:52:54 AM) ex: why?

(1:52:55 AM) jellysandwich: her name is

(1:53:05 AM) jellysandwich: "its ok"

(1:53:15 AM) jellysandwich: autographed on a cd! (inside joke)

(1:53:31 AM) ex: =))

(1:53:48 AM) ex: how is it going at work?

(1:54:57 AM) jellysandwich: its great

(1:55:02 AM) jellysandwich: guess what

(1:55:05 AM) jellysandwich: i did today

(1:55:06 AM) ex: what?

(1:55:14 AM) ex: pizza?

(1:55:16 AM) ex:

(1:55:45 AM) jellysandwich: i chose to

(1:55:56 AM) jellysandwich: stay at work for

(1:55:56 AM) ex: ?

(1:56:12 AM) jellysandwich: THREE full hours

(1:56:19 AM) ex: whhhhhy??????

(1:56:25 AM) ex: are you insane?

(1:56:28 AM) ex: you just got back?

(1:57:15 AM) jellysandwich: what else

(1:57:20 AM) ex: oh okay

(1:57:23 AM) ex: i didnt know that?

(1:57:27 AM) ex: why did you stay back

(1:57:27 AM) jellysandwich: to have fun

(1:57:42 AM) jellysandwich: with my coworkers

(1:58:06 AM) ex: not for work?

(1:58:50 AM) jellysandwich: well

(1:58:57 AM) jellysandwich: if it was for work

(1:59:00 AM) jellysandwich: then

(1:59:30 AM) jellysandwich: i wouldnt really have ....

(1:59:44 AM) jellysandwich: chosen to stay back

(2:00:25 AM) ex: true

(2:00:28 AM) ex: what did you do?

(2:00:30 AM) ex: wlell

(2:00:38 AM) ex: did you do sth fun?

(2:00:44 AM) jellysandwich: hey

(2:00:56 AM) jellysandwich: its 2am now

(2:01:01 AM) ex: yeah

(2:01:01 AM) jellysandwich: ive gotta get to sleep

(2:01:02 AM) ex: an?

(2:01:05 AM) ex: you?

(2:01:10 AM) ex: go to sleep

(2:01:12 AM) jellysandwich: it was great talking to you again

(2:01:19 AM) ex: at 2am friday night?

(2:01:21 AM) jellysandwich: i hope we can talk again soon

(2:01:23 AM) ex: cant believe it

(2:01:24 AM) ex: okay

(2:01:26 AM) ex: fine

(2:01:28 AM) jellysandwich:

(2:01:30 AM) ex: talk to you later

(2:07:08 AM) ex: jelly

(2:07:12 AM) ex: i miss you

(2:07:12 AM) ex: hugs

(2:08:56 AM) her has signed off.


Note: I can send her messages even when she's offline, so this is something I would do when I wake up tomorrow and "get" the message.

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I didn't respond at all; didn't know what to say.


I am pretty much indifferent now; whether we get back together or stay friends doesn't matter. Of course, I would prefer to reconcile, but I am not expecting it.


I am wondering if it would have been better to let her lead the conversation... I am currently reading Matt Huston's EX2 system.

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i was in this situation a couple weeks ago, still kinda in it now.


i do miss her, havent told her of course. NIC has been what im doing.


im pretty sure she's seeing someone new - and is just testing the waters with me to see how i react. so far ive been playing it cool. no drama, no relationship stuff, nothing about what ive been doing, nothing about what shes been doing. of course im curious to find out, but im not going to ask.


i think youre doing ok. just try not to read too much into it.

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