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Hello..Frustrated with LOVE


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Hello, I'm new on here and need some help =( So this guy that I go to school with that I "thought" was flirting with me and thought he seemed "interested" in me, is giving me mixed signals. He flirts with me continuosly and always tries to talk to me and even my friends notice it and thinks he does like me but then at the same time when I turn around he will be flirting with other woman constantly. I'm so frustrated with "love" and extremely sad because I thought he liked me. This man is seventeen years older than me btw. Its so confusing when men or even woman flirt with you alot, and then as soon as you turn around they're flirting with other people.


My conclusion is, to not flirt with him anymore although I won't ignore him but I will continue to talk to him...(what do you guys think?) I feel like he is not going to pursue me, but everybody and that he does not take me serious enough to show me he is real about it. Instead he just makes me feel like unimportant.


Do you think I'm just a jealous chick? or Do you think I feel reasonable?

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