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I think i'm having a mental breakdown or losing my mind or something. Lately i've been feeling very strange and having impure thoughts. I've been thinking very odd things and worrying about everything. It started after i recently got over a guilt problem. Now I'm having a problem where I feel guilty about just simple thoughts instead of actions. Its overwhelming.


I don't want to think of bad things anymore and I need someone to tell me what to do when I do think bad things or tell me how to prevent myself from thinking bad thoughts. I feel like I have to tell my boyfriend every bad thought I have and if I don't then I am doing something wrong.


The thoughts are getting worse and I get headaches, I have some trouble sleeping, sometimes I don't feel like eating or I want to pig out on candy and I am addicted to masturbating. I also have lost all my problem solving skills. Normally I am really good at solving basic situations in my life but right now my mind skips to endless unreasonable possibilities causing me to worry or feel guilty and not helping me solve any problems and they just keep building up.


Someone please tell me how to


~ prevent bad thoughts


~ not feel guilty about just having thoughts


~ not tell my boyfriend every thought i have


~ how to stop masturbating like a maniac


~ and now to get my common sense in problem solving back


thank you

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Someone please tell me how to


1 prevent bad thoughts


2 not feel guilty about just having thoughts


3 not tell my boyfriend every thought i have


4 how to stop masturbating like a maniac


5 and now to get my common sense in problem solving back


thank you


1) Do something and get over youself when you're alone. Believe you dont have issues.


2) Get a non-caring attitude (but not arrogant).


3) Grow a pair (haha jk) but you should just work on being mature I guess and independent.




5) Stop pretending to have problems and believe that you're fine, and you will be.

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It sounds like obsessive compulsive behaviour, the kind which is not about things like washing hands, but about thoughts, called 'pure o OCD', and also about 'scrupulosity', ie. being overscrupulous about being 'pure', and also related to the urge to confess what people do not normally feel the need to confess.


Thoughts come and go without our control. We're entitled to have privacy regarding our thoughts. We don't need to confess them to others, nor should we. Others don't want or need to know.


As you've just started this way of thinking, it'd be good to 'nip it in the bud' before it escalates. You have to downplay the seriousness of your thoughts. Care less. Say 'so what?' to them. You have to separate this from your religious point of view. It's not about religion, it's about a little brain glitch that is causing you to go over and over the same worries. Confessing those thoughts doesn't make you a good person, and not confessing them doesn't make you a bad person. You don't need to do this to yourself. You don't have to be more 'pure' and 'good' than the average person. Do what the average person does, which is don't attach so much importance to the thoughts thata come into your mind. Also don't struggle against them, because that makes it worse. Acknowledge them and say 'so what?', then move on to whatever you need to be thinking about in your everyday life.


If you don't have success in dealing with them this way, you should see a doctor about it. There are websites about OCD you can google. But keep in mind its the 'pure O' type, in my opinion. I hope this helps.

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What you are describing sounds a lot like OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder). It's an anxiety problem that makes you worry a lot (worry intensely about all kinds of things).


I suggest that you see a Doctor to be sure that is the problem and not something else.


If it is OCD (I used to have it and I have recovered from it / don't habe it any more)--


There are three things that can help you.


1) Meditation (but not 'relaxation' meditation-- instead get tapes or books, or take a class in 'mindfulness' meditation or 'insight meditation').


2) Try Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous (they have a network of support groups and also a book that can really help OCD).


**Their groups are free (they are a nonprofit).


But in those support groups, only hang out with people who are focused on working on themselves-- avoid people who are focused on controlling other people / running social control games especially). You'll recognize those types pretty quickly and just avoid them.


3) Get books written by Claire Weekes (she was a psychiatric nurse and she wrote really good books on "nervous illness" that can really help you with your OCD -- or any anxiety problem). You can find her books on link removed


4) If offered medication, research carefully to make sure that the med is not in the benzodiazapine family. If it is, don't take it (a lot of psychiatrists won't prescribe that type of med any more, due to serious problems, but some will) and find a better Doctor. **If already on benzos only come off very slowly (dangerous to come off of them very quickly).


You can Google all that stuff.


Best and hang in there! You really can get better, but you will get better faster if you try to learn to accept the scary thoughts and feelings instead of fighting them.


Best, Soar

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P.S. If you try to prevent OCD (Scary / bad) thoughts, they will get worse.


But if you try to accept / welcome those thoughts (even the very bad thoughts) (without reacting to them) they will go away a lot faster.


(You are stuck in the bad thoughts because you are fighting them).


Especially helpful to accept the bad feelings behind the thoughts.


See also the mediTation methods I mentioned in the last post (find some books or tapes on them-- there are many on that subject from many sources).

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I missed the part about 'masturbating like a maniac' .


That is not OCD-- that is Sex Addiction (its related to OCD but is not exactly the same).


Google Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (they are a nonprofit and they haver lots of info / special support groups that can really help you).


That's very likely what you have. Hang in there-- and get the help that you need.

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