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The Rebound Guy?


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Hi guys, I just wanted to ask u: in my college I know Katie since 5-6 months and we were ...hm.. lets say we had something going on..its not like we are "Just friends" nor "Lovers" we like each others, I dunno...its just complicated#@!


But suddenly these days she is getting closer and closer to me,calling' more often, sending romantic messages, telling' my friends that she is "IN LOVE" with me, and even push her self into me "physically"...well, I can't deny that in all this period I was working' on some methods and techniques to spark the attraction.


but here is the nice part: she has a boyfriend..!! and she knew him for a year.

but what I heard that she is breaking' up with him, and in the last 3 months of her relationship with that guy she was literally "Suffering" like she hate him..she even did this to him one time.."she was on the phone talking with him and she said: why u say that u feel like I don't want you.." and she said that clearly and loudly enough so I can hear that, anyway...I don't want to be her "rebound guy". I mean that could ruin everything, cause what I heard about rebound relationship that it don't last at all..and as soon as she fell the emotional emptiness inside of her she is gonna break it all up! (BTW, is that true?)


Guys , I donno what to do? should I respond to her messages, and calls? Can I make this works if I go "slowly" with her , or should I do something else..I just don't want to hurt her anymore..coz right now I'm not responding well to all the things she is Dion' , although I like her so much..but I just feel like this is big "MISTAKE" ...! help

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i would say wait till she breaks of with the guy before doing anything then once that has happened wait a while a good few months for her to take everything in then take it slow with her if you want the relationship to last dont rush into things right away

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You're right, it will be a mistake because you will be the rebound if you date her after her relationship. And I definitely think you shouldn't do anything when she's in one either. It sounds like things are tough for her so she's just trying to get attention by throwing herself to you, rather than tackling the problems herself. If you want some sex that won't lead to a real relationship, go for it. If you want something real, wait around 2-3 months AFTER she breaks up with her bf, and then start pursuing. For now, all you can do is listen, and only listen.

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