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29 and never had a girlfriend


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You strike me as having a bad attitude... this isn't going to help! My ex-bf is bald and very good looking... so don't blame it on that! Not having had a girlfriend doesn't automatically equate to being ugly... I suggest you stop being so superficial and start looking deeper. Plenty of 'ugly' men have girlfriends...you see it all the time... in the street, in the media!! And I say 'ugly' because it is actually a ridiculous term... perception of attractiveness is different for everyone!

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i know its just my looks its no my attitude i try talking to girls but they dont even want to talk to me, i even tried going to club but girls there told me to go away cause am ugly, and i know there are loads of ugly men with really sexy girls thats wht makes me even fell bad, but not me, and its just my looks.

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Why are you throwing yourself a pity party. Even if you were ugly, which chances are that you are not, doesn't mean you can't have a relationship. Go to most any mall in America and you will see "ugly" people walking around with their boyfriends or wives, completely happy. Chances are much more likely that you lack confidence, then that you are so ugly no one wants you. I don't think you will have one until you gain self-respect and confidence. Even the Beast got his beauty.

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There very few real ugly people in the world, mostly everyone is "average". Why? Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Cheesy but true!


Think, about 20% of people fall into the two sides of the bell curve (i.e. physically uglier than 80% of population). But most people have someone who liked them in their life, including those special 20%, so that means they are not ugly at all for those who are attracted to them - they merely become "average" for their lovers.


BellaStranger said the most important thing: "Looks can always be improved- they are a lot about grooming and dressing well and carrying yourself with confidence!"


Does anyone seriously think all those gorgeous celebs are beauties? Objectively not, you'll notice assymetric face (the girl in Beverly Hills 90210), heavy-set face (the girl from Planet of the Apes), short stature (Jack Nicholson), etc. But all of them are good looking because they take care of their hair, skin, waist line, clothes, accessories, etc. And most importantly, they act like they got high self-confidence.


I am physically ugly too, but I try to take care of myself. Last birthday I got two friends saying "keep being beautiful" to me. They were too busy looking at my positive points to notice my ugly spots! So please, try!


Edit: I just posted on other thread about liking a guy for years. This guy is short, only like 5'2", and not handsome. But I like everything about him, even when he's not using deodorant. He's calm and gentle.

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thats wht i hear from all people thats its my confidence well maybe, it was but not now, i have more confidence then ever, but u know they say its all the beauty at first that counts, and true so many ugly men with pretty girls, but i am not the lucky one, how can i pull girls when i cant even get them to look at me or talk to me, when ever they see me, they just think oh wht ugly losser. i just need to become handsome which i cant, cause am bald big ears and big nose, even my friends say am ugly so true.

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i know there are loads of ugly men with really sexy girls thats wht makes me even fell bad, but not me, and its just my looks.


and true so many ugly men with pretty girls, but i am not the lucky one.


You can acknowledge that OTHER men can get women regardless of how they look yet you still believe YOUR particular problem is how you look? The fact that those "ugly" men you see have beautiful women has nothing to do with luck, it has to do with how those men are thinking and feeling about themselves. They have some precious and very desirable traits that you need to start cultivating: self-esteem, confidence, and self-love.


What's your personality like? What do you like to do? You are not your looks, you are a complete person with interests, great qualities, and something to contribute to friends, families, and future girlfriends, so why are you defining yourself solely in terms of physical features?


I would advise you to stop putting so much focus on your looks because it's making you feel worse. It's all about how you feel. If you can start feeling REALLY good about yourself (Challenge yourself to list 50 good qualities about yourself) and maintain that good feeling about yourself, I believe things will start to change for you. When you can even learn to love how you look, you will have tons of luck with women.

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You have to expend some effort on your part before you throw up your hands and call it quits. Do you put effort in your appearance? You may be bald, but that unto itself doesn't mean you're ugly. One of my closest friends has been bald for a while and he's one of the most likable, personable guys I've ever known, and he does okay with the ladies.


And sometimes you need to embrace some kind of change, like maybe a part time job delivering pizzas or something. That's how I came to be grafted in my current circle of friends and my life has been much better as a result.

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